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13th Annual Board Secretary Guardians of The Board

Configurators of Corporate Culture, Contingency Planners and The Voice of Governance Across the Board

2-4 Nov 2021
Dubai, Middle East

Why You Should Attend

13th Annual Board Secretary Guardians of The Board

Be part of our full-day workshop with the highly sought-after topic on Boosting Corporate Secretaryís Profile to be a Leader and Champion of Governance and The Role of Board Secretary in Advising and Assisting the Board with Risk Management that provide you as a board secretary with insights on how to enhance leadership skills and gain a seat at the table.

Join us now and be prepared to take away key practices that will position you as a prominent and high-calibre board secretary and governance leader within your organisation.

Your safety is our top priority.

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Canít physically attend this conference?

Donít worry we have you covered! If your ability to travel is restricted we know your appetite for key business insights remains so our Live+ digital platform enables you to fully participate in the event remotely. Of course it provides access to live online streams of all session, but much more than that, it ensures you are able to engage with speakers directly allowing you to participate in Q&A, relevant breakout groups as well as event polling and other insights and resources delivered during the event. We realise interacting with other delegates is key to your event experience, so our innovate online solution allows you to set up online meetings with other virtual and physical attendees throughout the event; ensuring you still walk away with those key contacts that can make a tangible difference to you and your business. The platform will continue to host all event content on-demand for you to re-visit and continue to access for up to 6 months post event.

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