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Pricing Analytics

Securing greater profits through more prudent price management in a new VAT environment by leveraging the right pricing tools to enhance customer satisfaction

12-13 Nov 2002
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Pricing Analytics

Companies today are increasingly under pressure to hold and increase price levels. Current economic conditions make this most difficult, particularly with recessionary and customer stresses that push prices downward. With companies constantly finding new methods to cut costs and increase revenue to stay ahead of their competitors, businesses need to come up with new pricing strategies to avoid being exposed to the risk of losing market share and suffering a catastrophic dip in profit margin. The newly implemented VAT within the GCC region in 2018 has added extra pressure on companies to get their pricing strategies right. How are you managing your vendors and customers to benefit your company’s top-line revenue?

Join your expert course trainer in exploring some of the latest techniques in bridging the link between the demands of your customer with the inherent value of your business.  Learn ways to improve your pricing analytics based on your product’s lifecycle, avoid losing out on price wars, maximise opportunities on a global scale and leverage your brand value for greater profit margins. This training will also contain specific breakout sessions to further dive into specific pricing issues affecting companies within the local and international marketplace. Are you a “price leader” or a “price follower”? Which strategy works best for your business? 

As consumers and businesses move into a more digitally advanced era, it is crucial that companies equip themselves with the right skills and foresight to predict customer expectations and implement a more holistic buying and selling strategy to avoid “pricing themselves out” of the competition. The key to successful performance today is a well-devised pricing strategy that businesses can use to create leverage, out-perform their competitors, and deliver significantly higher returns to their stakeholders.


Key Topics

  • Strengthening your Value-Based Pricing Strategy and Customer Willingness to Pay
  • Analysing the Impact of VAT on Pricing Strategies: Dealing with Channel Pricing, Customer Pricing and Cash Conversion Management
  • Pricing in your Organisation: Improving your Internal Pricing Structure and Revenue Management
  • Pricing Power: Diversifying your Customers’ Options and Profiling your Target Market to Identify Product /Service Attributes
  • Unlocking the Value of your Brand in Determining the Right Price for Greater Returns

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “It was very good to realize how much more there is to pricing. I can now think out of the box about pricing.” – Director of Pricing, Goodrich
    • “The workshop is a good session for me to open up my mind and enforce pricing element and values of my prospect.” – VP of Procurement, 3M Corporation
    • “Michael and his team have a very high level of expertise. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of pricing strategy - the qualitative side and the theoretical aspects behind pricing.” - VP of Marketing, Hewlett Packard
    • “Very comprehensive content and documentation, practical exercises” – Pricing Manager, Orthofix
    • “Good knowledge and practical approach of integrating value-based pricing into our archaic pricing process” – VP, Verizon Information Services
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